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Providing complete, comprehensive, and
professional EMS standby coverage for
concerts, large festivals, sporting events, and
large crowd gatherings.

Since September 11th, insurance companies
have dramatically increased their rates to a
promoter sponsoring any large-crowd gathering
Many require on-site first-aid or EMS coverage, those without it are charged
exorbitant premiums per event. By contracting the EMS events standby service
offered by MediRide's Moshpit Medics, your premium goes down, your profit goes up!
Call us today for complete information on how Moshpit Medics can serve your
needs. 906.226.4565.
  • Moshpit Medics is the official EMS provider for the U.P. All-Star Football Game.
  • Moshpit Medics was the official EMS provider for Fire-Up Youth Conferences
    at the Berry Events Center & Lakeview Arena.  Fire-Up is a large, 3-day
    concert series and youth event with over 2,000 participants.
  • Moshpit Medics has provided coverage for Combat USA Fights; Professional
    Mixed Martial Arts Events in Marquette & Escanaba.
  • Moshpit Medics provided EMS standby coverage for the Catholic Diocese of
    Marquette's first Bishop ordination ceremony in over 100 years.
  • Moshpit Medics served as the Official EMS/First Aid Provider for the
    Locobazooka Tour in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • Filter, Seven Dust, Mushroom Head and others are just a few of the headliner
    musical acts that Moshpit Medics has served ...and the list is growing !
  • Moshpit Medics has also provided EMS coverage for Team USA vs. Team
    Canada in Muy Tai Boxing events.
  • Moshpit Medics provided EMS standby coverage for MotoX racing at the U.P.
    State Fairgrounds in Escanaba.
  • Moshpit Medics has provided EMS standby coverage at Christmas Motor
    Sports Park in Christmas, Michigan.
  • Moshpit Medics has served as EMS providers at the Republic SnowX Races.
  • Moshpit Medics served as on-site EMS providers at  Valley Raceway MotoX
    races in Crystal Falls, Michigan.

If your event could use professional EMS standby services from Moshpit Medics,
please contact us by calling 906.226.4565. We look forward to serving you.

Charges will apply for events canceled with under 48 hours notification. Cancellation charges amount to ambulance daily rate plus a
minimum of four (4) EMT hours. Additional travel charges & EMT hours may apply for events scheduled outside of Marquette County,