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constantly growing and evolving.  In 2010 MediRide EMS opened its first satellite
location on Sawyer in Forsyth Township.  

The station was designed to provide residents with faster access to critical Advanced
Life Support (ALS) services not currently being provided by their community
ambulance services.  

MediRide EMS now provides an ALS intercept vehicle and crew 24-hours a day, 365
days per year.  Prior to MediRide's station on Sawyer residents of Forsyth, Skandia,
West Branch, & Sands townships had to wait for ALS units to come from Marquette.  
Response times from Marquette were up to 30 minutes for some locations.

Because of the addition of MediRide's ALS Interceptor Unit, response times for
critical care assistance have been dramatically reduced and patients are getting the
advanced care they need faster than they ever have before.

According to MediRide EMS statistics, in the months between December and May,
MediRide's Interceptor unit was the first to arrive on-scene in approximately 30% of
calls for help generated within Forsyth Township, 50% of calls originating from within
Sands Township, and 100% of the calls within the Sawyer area of Skandia/West
Branch township.  This means patients are receiving emergency medical care faster
than ever before!  

The Interceptor has had a major impact in the Emergency Medical Services provided
in its coverage area.  MediRide's Sawyer unit has responded to a number of critical
calls in which time was of the essence.  From December to May the Interceptor
responded to two adult cardiac arrest patients, 2 pediatric cardiac arrest patients, 5
patients experiencing an active stroke, 4 multi-system traumas, 8 in severe
respiratory distress,  and 3 in an acute cardiac distress.  

MediRide's Advanced Life Support Interceptor also provided ALS stand-by services to
the President of the United States during a presidential visit to Marquette County in
February of 2011.  
Recognizing that the residents of communities
outside of Marquette had never had access to
rapid ALS services, MediRide EMS
administrators began to put together a plan that
would provide these areas with faster access to
the life-saving service.

Since its inception, MediRide EMS has been