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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding MediRide, Inc.
EMS and the services we provide.

Q:  I heard Marquette General EMS or Rampart EMS provides a higher level of  
emergency care than MediRide EMS.  Is that true?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  MediRide EMS provides the highest level of emergency
medical service available in the industry, Advanced Life Support (ALS)!  No other EMS
agency, including Marquette General EMS or Rampart provides a higher level of
service than MediRide one!  MediRide EMS paramedics and EMS staff are
fully licensed and continually trained to respond to and effectively treat all emergency
patient conditions from the most  life-threatening medical conditions, and most
severe trauma conditions down to the smallest cuts and bruises!  MediRide EMS
ambulances feature state-of-the-art medical tools and diagnostic equipment and our
paramedics are in constant communication with physicians at the emergency
department.  MediRide EMS ambulances feature on-board telemetry
capabilities...sending vital information from patient's connected to heart monitors
directly to the emergency department enabling doctors to prepare a treatment plan
even before the patient arrives at the hospital.  Rest assured, our paramedics and
EMS staff  worked and trained hard and  have treated and saved thousands of
patients every year!  To be sure you're getting the Advanced Life Support services,
provided by MediRide EMS...

Q: Is there an 'advantage' to joining an ambulance membership program?

A: No. Most times the only advantage to joining a membership program is for the
ambulance service and not the patient. Ambulance services offer these programs in
order to appear to be giving their members a discount. The problem is, you have to
PAY to become a member. In essence, you're paying a membership fee for a service
you might not ever even use! At MediRide, Inc. EMS, we've always offered our patients
the lowest charges in the Upper Peninsula. We don't make our patients pay extra to
enjoy affordable services, we just give it to no extra cost!

Q: I'm an MGH employee.  Are my family and I covered by our health insurance for
your services?

A: Absolutely !  MediRide, Inc. EMS is a participating Blue Cross / Blue Shield of
Michigan provider.  Regardless of what you may have been told by your employer,
BCBSM will pay claims for  services provided to you by MediRide, Inc. EMS.  Plus,
MediRide, Inc. EMS will not charge you for any related co-pays.  Contact MGH
Employee Benefits office to learn the truth, or call our office at (906) 226-4565.

Q: Can MediRide, Inc. EMS provide long-distance transports?

A: Yes! MediRide, Inc. provides ambulance, AssistCAR, and Wheelchair Coach
transportation in our local area as well as to long-distance destinations. We have
transported patients within the State of Michigan as well as to other states throughout
the U.S.

If you have more specific questions that were not answered here, we invite you to
browse through our entire site or
contact us with  your question. We look forward
to hearing from you!