Tough economic times means that some
families in our community are going to go
without this Christmas.  Children will wake to
find no presents under the tree, and parents will
feel the pain of not being able to provide the joy
that every child deserves on Christmas.

At MediRide EMS, we can't imagine how hard
that must be.  We're thankful for all that we've
been blessed with, and for the wonderful people we've been able to help throughout
the year.  With that in mind, MediRide EMS is launching a new program, called A
Christmas To Remember.  

This Christmas, MediRide EMS, along with our sponsors and partners will select two
families, experiencing financial difficulties this Christmas Season, and provide them
with a Christmas To Remember.  Each family will receive a full Christmas feast, with
all the trimmings, from Econo Foods, Marquette, and $500 worth of presents for the
kids from MediRide, Inc. EMS.

To get started, we need your help.  We'd like you to help us identify families in the
Marquette area who are in need or financial difficulty this Christmas.  It could be your
neighbor, a friend from church or work...anyone who might not be able to afford to
provide his or her family with Christmas this year.  Then, fill in the form on the right to
tell us about them.   

On Monday, December 21st, all of the nominated families will be entered into a
drawing (no purchase necessary).  Two of the families will be selected at random
and will receive a MediRide EMS Christmas To Remember on Christmas Day, from
all of us here at MediRide EMS!  All stories and nominations will be posted
HERE for
you to read.  

You can help too.  If you'd like, you may donate toys, clothes, and other gifts for the
families that do not win the drawing.  You may nominate a family that you wish your
gift(s) to go toward, or allow MediRide's staff to distribute them.  If you'd like to donate
a gift.  All leftover gifts will be donated to the Salvation Army in Marquette.  If you'd like
to donate a gift, please stop by MediRide EMS at 925 W. Washington Street in
Marquette, or give us a call at (906) 226-4565, ext. 10 and we'll stop by to pick it up
(Marquette area only).  

We'd like to thank you for your generosity & kindness this Christmas.  We wish the
joy of the holiday to you and your family.
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Names of families will be kept confidential and not
published on the web.  Nominating person(s) will not be
published except for first name and last initial.  No
purchase is necessary.  
CLICK HERE to read all
nomination stories.  Drawing for two winning families will
be held at 13:00 on 12/20/2010 at MediRide, Inc. EMS.