If you are experiencing a medical emergency,
dial 9-1-1 and request MediRide EMS be
dispatched immediately.

All licensed MediRide EMS ambulances are fully
stocked and equipped to render comprehensive
Advanced Life Support care.  The HIGHEST level
of emergency care in the industry!
MediRide EMS has established itself as the technology leader in Upper Peninsula
EMS!  MediRide EMS ambulances are the only EMS units in the U.P. to utilize the
power of on-board computer systems.  Our computer systems allow nearly
continuous communications between the paramedics on the ambulance and the
physicians in the Emergency Department.  On-board computers, connected via
secure internet connections transmit dispatch and important patient treatment data
from the moment the ambulance is dispatched.  The advanced technologies of this
system allows doctors at the hospital to view, in near reat time, statistics and data
from MediRide's on-board diagnostic units.

While other EMS agencies rely only on radios & cell phones, MediRide EMS is the
only service to offer this cutting-edge communications technology!

MediRide EMS ambulances also utilize sophisticated on-board Global Positioning
Systems (GPS), specifically designed for Emergency Services providers to ensure
the fastest response to your emergency...even if you're at deer camp!

Our top-of-the-line cardiac monitors, allow our EMS staff to defibrillate, cardiovert,
pace, and transmit nearly real-time heart rhythms to doctors at the hospital before
you even arrive, saving precious moments, when every second counts!
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